Different Wine Types

Wine Fruits

Fresh, dried or canned, these are ideal ingredients for fine wines. Each fruit is different and requires a different preparation. Some fruits are crushed, others minced and some fruits need softening with boiling water. Other fruits such as plums, apricots, nectarines and peaches are rich in pectin and therefore a pectin enzyme should be added to the fermentation.

Wine Flowers

Usually flower wines clear well and are very popular. The quantity of flowers used varies according to the palate of the winemaker. Quantities can be from one pints of flower heads to as much as four pints of flower heads. For instance, elderflower wines need no more than one pint of flower heads (avoiding the green stems, as elderflowers have a strong bouquet and taste.

Wine Vegetables

A wide range of vegetables can be used for winemaking and include carrots, parsnips, pea pod and beetroot. Vegetables are often boiled and only the juice is fermented, sometimes with the addition of orange and lemon juice, sultanas or raisins and the usual acid and tannin.

Wine Cereals

Rice, barley, dried maize, sweet corn and wheat are some of the cereals used in winemaking. Usually dried fruit, fruit juices and sugar are required to convert the cereals into wine

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