List of Equipment Needed to Make Homemade Wine

Winemakers have found that the basic equipment can produce an excellent quality wine, which includes flavour together with alcoholic content. This covers a wide array of wines including dry white wines, full-bodied red wines and sparkling wines.

The basic winemaking equipment includes:

  • A large saucepan or container - enamel, stainless steel or aluminium but NOT brass, copper or iron.
  • A bucket for starting the wine, preferably with a clip-on lid
  • A wooden spoon.
  • A glass jar (demijohn) for fermenting the wine, together with corks and airlocks.
  • A plastic funnel.
  • A plastic sieve.
  • A plastic measuring jug.
  • A metre of plastic tubing for siphoning purposes.
  • Airlock - This will act as a barrier against the vinegar fly and vinegar bacteria. If the liquid becomes infected it will turn into vinegar.
  • If you wish to calculate the strength of the wine and determine when to add additionally sugar, a hydrometer would be a useful piece of equipment.

All equipment must always be scrupulously clean and sterilised, usually with boiling water or campden tablets.

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